Dating on demand seattle

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Tinder and OKC have jumped the shark and are oversaturated with overtly judgmental or sex-crazed people who aren't good relationship material.

If you're attractive, you may have better luck.

My 36 year old cousin (also female, also single) and my 32 year old friend (male, single) are moving there with me.

This subreddit has been helpful in finding what neighborhood to live in and what to expect with rent, traffic, and public transportation and we really appreciate all the advice you put on here.

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EDIT: I am not just asking for advice for me and my two people. But I've had friends successfully get dates from going out to bars so YMMV. Most of my friends use a dating app to meet potential new dates.I grew up in Bellevue, right across the lake from Seattle, but moved to the city once I was old enough to get out of my moms' house.I moved out of the city 7 years ago so I don't know how good my advice will be, but I will say that there didn't seem to be any shortage of women in the dating scene while I was there.It's (usually) more personable and more socially oriented than the subreddit. I'm still kind of new to this and dipping my toes in for now.I may want to stay anonymous for a bit :-)Speaking of online groups, have you used Meetup for any Seattle events and how did that go?

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