Dating my ludwig drums

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Below is Ludwig 1960’s Serial Number Time Chart #1.

It contains particular number/date stamp pairs chosen from our original serial number index because they serve as good representations of the chronological trend of the serial number sequence.

The date stamp didn’t determine when a shell would be sent to assembly. Sometimes we had thousands of undrilled shells all stacked up on shelves.

Our main concern was to keep things moving.” Since there wasn’t any system of stock rotation whereby the boxes were used in the order received, I asked Mr.

Keep in mind when using the chart that due to Ludwig’s production, assembly and order-fulfillment procedures during the 60’s (discussion following the next chart) it’s not uncommon to find a moderate margin of discrepancy in the serial number/date stamp relationship.

For this reason, the production date of the drum you’re dating could actually be several months earlier or later than the chart indicates. Ludwig why only some of the shells were date stamped? Sometimes it was because we wanted to accommodate certain dealers who didn’t want the dates.

Up until 1969 the covering was applied to the shell while the wood was still flat, and the covering was “lapped” into the shell.

This made for a less perfect round shell, but prevented problems with the finish pulling off.

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