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VP of product Miles Norris explained that they’ve introduced verified profiles on Bumble and you can earn a tick by sending in a photo of you copying a gesture, which is checked against your profile.

“It's checked by a machine, by AI, then by a real person, and if it's fine they get a verified profile,” explained Norris.

At the same time, you need to find designers, developers. "So money was less important than knowledge and [to avoid] the typical problems."Lumen too was born out of the "knowledge" they had: as with the others, data showed a need.

The over-50 market was “a huge amount of people that nobody paid attention to. We see the needs,” explained Andreev, “and now we have a solution.”Every app has to cater to its particular demographic, and to the different national markets it steps into, but developers also notice different dynamics about how they are used by that market.

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Now Bumble's remit is growing far outside its first goal: they’ve funded five short films by female directors and versions of the app for platonic friendship (BFF) and business connections (Bizz) have arrived as well.

Tired of costly subscriptions, Andreev made his new website free, with the option to pay via SMS to promote your profile and bump it up to the top of the feed.

It was a game changer, he said: “Hundreds of thousands of people joined in week one, a week later we had double.

We can see where we have weak spots.” He pitched the idea to Andreev and within a week it was in development.“It wasn't business driven, but there were a lot of people in the office who were worried that as a global player we were not nailing the gay market and there are powerful competitors and business to be done for a piece of the cake,” explained Mejuto.

“Most of the businesses start now not for the business purpose, but because they see a hole in the market they want to fix.”In general, the apps that have come out of Badoo’s data banks have been produced with astonishing speed, as both Bumble and Chappy's stories show.

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