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Fedoras are usually made by pressing a piece of felt over a mold, and using some kind of heat or sealant to help the felt keep its shape.

In the past, molds were created by using a series of wooden blocks to create the shape of the hat, and the felt was pressed on with an iron.

After the general shape of the hat has been achieved, the hat makers attach some sort of decoration, usually a ribbon, between the brim and the crown of the hat. Men’s fedoras especially tend to have stylized brims with edges that are turned down in the front and up in the back.

As mentioned earlier, the width of the brim, overall size and color of the hats are subject to change with fashion trends.

However, this palette would grow at the onset of the second world war to include military themed colors such as khaki, blue, and green.

Along with men’s felt hats, women’s fedoras are making a comeback in current fashion trends.

In America during the 1940s, the brims of fedoras started to increase in width, while the British maintained a slightly smaller brim size.

The colors of fedoras traditionally included shades of black, brown, and gray.

It soon became a common fashion accessory for many women, especially among activists fighting for gender equality during the late nineteenth century.

The fedora was eventually adopted as a defining symbol of the women’s rights movement.

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