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That’s what sucks about being in a long-term relationship. You get annoyed at each other, and you find yourselves drifting apart. But, you will notice something else if you hang around long enough…

Hostess bars, clubs, and lounges are a thriving industry in this part of town.

A sugar daddy is a gentleman who wants to date younger women, without the commitment of a long-term girlfriend or marriage. If both of you don’t agree, you move on to find someone who matches your sugar dating preferences.

Sugar babies are young women who are looking for a gentleman to support them financially, occasionally shower them with gifts, and go to expensive dinners. If they agree to each other’s requests and continue to see each other, the sugar daddy will provide an allowance to the sugar baby in exchange for dates. Tell them what you want, and find out what they want.

Doing it yourself, or using a Japanese Sugar Dating Agency. There are ways to become a sugar daddy in Japan without relying on a dating site or agency – but they are challenging, and difficult to initiate. Imagine having to meet women and then asking them if they want to have a sugar-dating type relationship. The issue is whether you are able to find ladies who want to participate in this type of a relationship. Imagine finding out that your sugar baby is a gold digger or a call girl. And, If you’ve read my posts before, you know my Japanese is the same level as a 2-year-old Japanese boy.

When you find the right person and you know, from your sources, that they are looking for a sugar daddy; move on to step 2. This is unsettling, and that’s why I recommend using a Japanese Sugar Dating Agency. So, finding a Japanese Sugar Dating Agency that is ‘foreigner friendly’ was important. Some of the team at Osaka Bros had the pleasure of meeting one of the managers at Universe Club, the biggest Sugar Dating Agency in Japan! ) So I would like to share with you everything we learned about their company.

This is a popular area for businessmen to go and enjoy some female company.

If you’re in Osaka, you might have heard of an area called Kitashinchi.

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