Dating expextations

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Assuming that the ease with which you texted each other will transfer into the real world is wrong.

This is why first dates fall flat, expectations are not met and you and your date never see each other again. Expectation: Your date is well educated, nice to the waiters in the event that you grab something to eat, and is a good listener.

Both in terms of physical appearance and personality.

This is where online dating expectations are too high for a large chunk of people.

As experience seems to show, very few single people tend to upload their unsuccessful photos, on the contrary, everyone wants to please everyone else and naturally choose the pictures where they are shown in the best light.

Moreover, some girls hire professional photographers to have a photo session.

This, of course, comes with professional make-up, if they do not know how to do it themselves.

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To do so, you need to know online dating expectations versus the online dating reality. In essence, the person fills out a questionnaire, filling it with the information they deem valuable and important for other people to see, and of course, photos.

Manners are not that hard to teach, so there is a quite solid chance your date is a respectful and responsible person.

These are quite healthy dating expectations to have.

Let's say you are lucky, and your dating expectations vs reality are actually one and the same, hence your real-life date coincides with the online version, then you will likely want to continue communication.

But here, non-verbal clues come into play, which you begin to perceive much earlier than you will comprehend and evaluate what your date says.

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