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Although Shafie signed the substitution form two months later, he said he needed a court order to turn over the money, which partially belonged to the husband.When the court so ordered, he gave his client a check for ,028.Where can a middle-aged, Persian-American, genderqueer dyke find love these days? Only butch dykes need apply, Behrouz writes, eager to swap quiet evenings and a drawer full of well-used sex toys for a real relationship.Enter a response from Lucky: younger, rougher, dominant, and far from perfect.Not all discipline actions have associated CBJ summaries.Copies of official licensee discipline records are available upon request.Any posted Notice of Disciplinary Charges, Conviction Transmittal or other initiating document, contains only allegations of professional misconduct.

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Further chronometric data are required to improve the precision of this age range.

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Copies of additional related documents in a case are available upon request.

On May 31, 2019, the State Bar Court launched an online portal for case dockets.

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