Dating and pulling

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Thank you again for emailing the book to me; I’m not sure what happened or why I could no longer access it.I do enjoy reading it and have done so several times.That has been a little challenging to lean back and let anyone take the lead, but that is ultimately what I want and I know that.I need a man to step up and take charge, and I have gone on some great dates and met great guys.Now instead of bouncing back, these men are running away from them. In actuality he may just be genuinely busy living his life but since you are so hooked on his charm already, you just can’t stop thinking about him and wanting to reach out to him.The more you are focused on him, the longer time seems to fly without being in touch with him, the more longing and anxious you feel.What you say is true and I do believe in your method, although maybe too late for the one I am or have been pining for lol…which I’m sure you would say, Read it again dummy you don’t get it! My story is that I met what I thought was an amazing guy and actually thought he could be the one…scary thoughts for me but I just bought everything that he was saying and believed him right away.

I’m not a desperate girl, but with him I know I acted desperate.

So in other words, when your guy is pulling away, as long as you don’t chase and try to cling on to him, he will bounce back to you re-energized.

Many women though, out of fear and ignorance, do the very thing that disturbs the bouncing-back process.

Let him come to you again when he feels the rubber band has been fully stretched and the likelihood is he will if you have made a pretty deep connection with him.

There are a few conditions that have to be met before a guy can fall in love with you. He needs you to powerfully trigger his masculinity FIRST. he doesn’t feel good about himself being with you, he can’t fall in love. The more feminine you are, the more likely you attract masculine guys.

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