Dating after divorce and how that effects a child

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Your attitudes and behaviors on dating will be a model for your children.Teenage children are entering a new world of dating behavior that may include sex, and will look to their parents as models of behavior. Research has shown that single parents’- and especially mothers’- attitudes and behaviors on sex and dating influence their children’s attitudes and behaviors.There is also a list of questions at the end of this article to ask yourself before introducing a new person to your children. When in session with me, this is how the seven-year-old boy reacted to meeting his mom’s “friend”: This child had only been aware of his parents’ final decision to divorce for four or five months, and yet he was already confronted with one of his greatest fears.

Another possibility is the potential for the new relationship to be the cause of the parent’s divorce.Take your time; it is important to proceed with confidence in your choices. It’s one of those situations no one wants to find themselves, but unfortunately, it’s a reality for many. It’s only natural for people to start looking to the future and moving on once sufficient healing has taken place.Tread carefully when introducing children to your new partner.Klungness recommends that any new relationship should be exclusive for several months (that is, a serious relationship and not a casual affair) before they are introduced to the children.

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