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Original specifications dictated every dimension and material used.While the headlight, chain guard, tank and rack were all made overseas, much of the bike was made in the U.The girls’ model had beautiful wire skirt guards covering the rear wheel, and the striping and other details were just magnificent.The lineage of Columbia bicycles can be traced directly back to Pope Manufacturing, founded by Albert Pope in Hartford, Connecticut in 1877. The Wright Brothers and Huffman bikes were located in Dayton. Fisher Mfg., Hanauer & Brothers, Evans, and Schleuter Cycles were all made in Cincinnati. Ken, a talented artist whose bicycle detail work spans decades, was crazy. A huge portion of the bicycles that were being built during the 1890’s came out of Ohio. Hercules bicycles (not to be confused with the English Hercules brand of the 20th century) made their bikes in Cleveland. The paint is more ornate than what would have been original, and it is fairly likely that the same painter who worked on our purple Malvern Star, a man named Ken Dickie, did the marvelous detail work on this bike.

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All you need is a lantern and you’ll be ready to roll.

It has a really good bell (that still works), and a neat collet system to adjust and lock the seat post height.

The bike features a set of eccentric rear dropouts to help easily adjust the chain tension.

The steel cottered crankset is a BSA, there’s an adjustable handlebars stem, a Brooks racing saddle and hand built wheels.

Racing wheels like these are extremely light (actually very similar in weight to modern versions with carbon fiber rims). This bike belonged to Arthur Habener, a Chicago area amateur bike racer.

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