Dating a guy with large penis

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No matter how large a thing he’s packing, your protection is still of utmost importance (and what the whole article is about anyhow).

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However if time isn’t on your side and you just need it right now, then a bottle of quality sexual moisturizer is your best friend.

I'd go as far as to say men care about this facet more than women do.

But there's a reason for this: We've been pressured to think we're not big enough. Porn has set unrealistic expectations for men and women alike, and the Millennial generation has been most affected as we've grown up with unlimited access to porn, where the smallest penis you'll find on any streaming site is eight inches.

Since beginning this blog and asking for reader questions, what to do with a penis that’s too big has been one of the most common among them, meaning that unlike the unicorn, a super-sized penis is no mythical beast.

Take extra time with teasing to more properly prepare your body, allowing your sexual juices to begin flowing and getting your vagina well and properly ready to take on whatever comes along.

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