Cyrus dating older

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Some commentators point to Cyrus’s decree to rebuild Jerusalem as the official beginning of Judaism.Among the Jews deported from Judah and later placed under the rule of Cyrus include the prophet Daniel.The character begins his self-discovery in season 2, which premiered on October 27.And, the episode that showcases Cyrus as gay saw big ratings, and the viewership was up to 2.1 million.

Miley is the couples first child together out of 3 children; but both of them have children from previous relationships.

In fact, we are told Daniel served until at least the third year of King Cyrus, approximately 536 BC (Daniel 10:1).

That being the case, Daniel likely had some personal involvement in the decree that was made in support of the Jews.

So, it seems that Cyrus’ self-discovery about his sexuality is a great inclusion in the show’s plot.

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