Cyber sex chat bots

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She’d always say they were funny and then go off and do something else.This project was different.” Without getting into what Freud would make of that rationale, Santos insists there’s more to Samantha than simply cybercoitus.In essence, it’s a chatbot, but one with the added “bonus” of having a body to go alongside the voice.Touch Samantha’s hands and she’ll say things like “I love this,” while kissing her or touching her mouth will yield a different response. Oh, and occasionally she’ll request songs on Pandora to improve the mood!

Security of a user's medical data, which is the most personal form of data, is an important issue to address.It can put proper reminders for the medicines and suggest remedies if you miss any doses.There are many more popular chatbots in the healthcare industry today like Safe Drug bot and Sim Sensei.They can record the user's history and analyze symptoms based on user's inputs.They can also use image and voice processing to record and match symptoms against the database.

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