Consolidating internet radio programs

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DDo S attacks have since become illegal and authorities have doled out stuff punishments to those that use the go-to tool of digital protest.

UPRISER may enable online protest organizers to move beyond traditional DDo S attacks with further innovation into what legal means may achieve the same results.

UPRISER’s attempts to integrate all sectors of the web and leave the discussion open and transparent, however, may be the internet’s best chance of filtering out distractions and consolidating its power as one political and social force.

Debt Relief is more important now than ever before.

“We’re designing the site to be able to stay one step ahead of government’s ability to suppress free speech, government’s ability to suppress demonstrations, to be one step ahead of a corporation’s ability to disband these things,” Lo Porto told Global Post.

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“One thing we’re experimenting with the site is whether or not it has to be online., using the Reddit open source code, will replace sometimes trivial subreddits with “movements”, like whistleblowing, Anonymous or Occupy.

Much more than just a Reddit for activism, UPRISER CEO and author Garret Lo Porto is looking to revolutionize the internet’s ability to make positive, important change.

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