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Poor English and bad wording just lead people to becoming confused about the purpose of the tool.Secondly, as you can see, the input boxes are ridiculously small and cannot be resized, which is just plain silly.

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Here's what the admin side of things looks like: Clicking on the Members module will bring you to a list of the various members of your site.In this Boonex Dolphin Review, I'm going to take you on a tour of the free edition and discuss some of my thoughts on the product and its uses.This video gives you a bit of an introduction to the product: Boonex Dolphin is available in a number of licenses.Under the tools menu, there are a number of options, as you can see below.Some of these are implemented well, while others could use some improvements. Here's how it looks today: There are a couple of inconsistencies that, while not rendering the tool nonfunctional, certainly don't make sense.

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