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The First Quarter Moon appears on November 26th, followed by a Full Moon on November 4th.

The disappearing Last Quarter Moon shows on December 10th.

You need emotional stability, demonstrated by strong work ethic, in your long-term partner.

Fellow Lunar Scorpios might seem like a great fit for your love life, at first.

Unfortunately, you two are so much alike that one of two things will sadly occur. Or, you might get along so well that you forget about your joint weaknesses—avoiding the same challenges, and unable to help each other grow.

The Moon in Scorpio will appear 4 other times during the calendar year. The final time this year the Moon will be in Scorpio is when it hides itself, in New Moon phase on November 18th.

These Lunar Scorpios take a lot of pride in their significant others. At best, these guys are sweet and protective but are prone to becoming possessive or manipulative.

This usually happens when he feels that he might be losing your attention and affection.

Once you have hurt a Lunar Scorpio, expect to feel their sting. Men with the Moon in Scorpio must feel certain they can trust their partner.

Any crack in the foundation of trust will lead this relationship down a dead-end path.

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