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Tinder has been bringing people together like no other.

Never before has a dating site/app been looked at so legitimately across the board. We now judge our potential partners by one selfie and a short bio, and if a suitor does manage to reach the next step of this love game with millennials having an attention span of 3 seconds, you best have a good chat up line.

And the next time you see a fellow singleton at a bar, buy him or her a drink, get to know them, it still works!

Watch this quick video on why the future of social media marketing is mobile HELLO, to new friends and old.

This here is my first attempt at writing a blog (how exciting, amma right? Obviously, I’m far too cool to write blogs but it is mandatory for my Digital Marketing module.

We cannot get away from it, nor can we fight it, so we best just embrace it.

So in saying that; here is my Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content; This is no-brainer numbero uno. Firstly, you need to be consistent with how many times you post.

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