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MGM: What would the goal be when you come back as a headliner in terms of venues? I’ll give you an example, like the State of my Head. So they’re all these power singers, and this conviction.

Brent: John’s goal is for us to be doing arenas by September of next year, hopefully. That’s on the label and management and all of us working together and really giving the world something extremely special, new and fresh from this band. We’re never going to be band that makes the same record twice. And believe me, man, we’re rock and roll to the bone. When that was released in the United States, there was a concern just because of how different it was because it was very urban and very pop. And for me, looking at it, I mean, I was 24 years old until I heard the White album. And I’m glad I kind of didn’t because I don’t know if I would have got it until I was in my 20’s, because I kind of researched it more than listen to it. I don’t really like calling them genres, but I took all these styles and my brain just kind of put them all together and what the best parts were in my opinion of all these different men and women and all these different styles of music and that’s what you get with me.

The now customary parting of the crowd to allow Brent’s walk through the middle of the floor ensured Shinedown’s set was one of the more memorable ones that has opened up an Iron Maiden show. Opening in front of some 420,000 people over the course of the tour with Iron Maiden, that delivered 18 arena shows in different cities.

Thanks to a chance meeting with Steve Harris at Download Festival last year, where the Maiden bassist watched the band from the side of the stage during their set, the wheel were then set in motion to have them come on the Book of Souls tour.

Steve Harris is the same guy today that he was in 1979 when I booked them on their very first club run for 50 cities.” I was amazed, “You’ve been with them that long? MGM: You headline your own Arena tours in the States and when you do the Carnival of Madness Tour here, you switch and Black Stone Cherry close the show. Next year, we have been on Atlantic Records for 20 years in February. ” My response; “Between 20, I want to do at least 50 countries.” And I want to start breaking ground but I really want to break ground in the UK and the markets that we’ve had, these opportunities, and really get to it. And really be focused about how we put towards together and how we lay them out. But I think there’s also a respect because from the very first show–First of all, they gave us 50 minutes. He was like, “They’re not going to come over here and phone this in. And I was like, “Yeah, I did.” I got to remember the moment and everything.

” He’s like, “Yeah.” And so that in and of itself was pretty remarkable. Brent: Well, because Black Stone just has more notoriety over here than we do when we did it in 2016. And now it’s just with Max Lousada, yesterday, just talking about the global side of this band and everything moving forward, and being connected with Atlantic in the UK at Warner. And essentially working even closer with the record label, even closer with management to really bring it to the people. This was for us when we got it, we knew exactly what the opportunity was but they had been so…I can’t say it enough, and it’s not lip service. They’re going to come over here and give it hell.” Which is exactly what we do. And I combined, I listened to a lot of thrash, and a lot of punk rock when I was 13, 14, because I had a friend that was really into The Misfits and he had the Exploited and the Doors and all about punk rock. And I got into Fugazi and started hearing all of these just like…And the Plasmatics and all that stuff.

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