Brandon hines and trey songz dating

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There are many up and coming artists Troy seemingly turns out, and he calls his little program “Troy Taylor University”, I had alot of odd vibes between those 3, when I saw the article on about Trey and Brandon, I figured I should stand up and let people know it’s not a rumor, it’s 100% true and the reason I’m no longer with Songbook…People should know Trey ain’t the ladies man people think he is, and anybody who gets “offers” from either of them to work with Songbook, don’t expect to excel in your career, it’s some weird homo trap he’s trying to get you in.We’ve received tips ranging from folks who went to Howard with Brandon to insiders who admitted to dropping Hines off at Trey’s hotel rooms at 3 a.m., but when a former Songbook artist wrote us, we felt it was only fair to share it with the public. Hey Bossip I’m a singer/rapper and former member of “Songbook Ent.” Trey Songz imprint, managed by Troy Taylor (He wrote “Holla When You Need Me” and many other of trey’s records). in 2006, around the time Trey had begun recording “Trey Day”.I recorded a few records at Songbook studios, at Troy Taylors house in a small city in Texas, and observed Troy and his relationship with Trey and Brandon Hines. 1 Released: 2004 Hosted By: DJ Radio Tracklisting 01.

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The “Fresh Prince” actor/rapper and R&B singer have both been the object of gay and bisexual rumors for awhile.

See Our Article: Taylor Lautner Outed as Gay by Belinda Carlisle’s Son James Duke Mason Gay rumors have increased since Will’s 13-year alleged “marriage of convenience” to Jada Pinkett Smith is on the verge of collapse after he reportedly caught her in an affair with Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Troy Taylor was allegedly one of the first gay lovers for both Trey Songz and Brandon Hines.

For years, Internet bloggers have claimed that Trey had numerous gay relationships with men in the music industry.

The 26-year-old Grammy-nominated artist, best known for his album "Ready", had repeatedly denied that he is gay, insisting on an interview: "I love the ladies." Troy Taylor, a record company exec and mentor to the singer told The : "I know that Trey and Will have been friends for a very long time, but I can't speak to the nature of their relationship.

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