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A post shared by Snapchat : Ashybines1 (@ashybines) on First, there were the plagiarism claims where a Brisbane woman named Allie Dodds alleged Bines stole her recipes and photos from her own blog, Mealspiration.

Bines later admitted the recipes in her clean eating e-book had been "copied from other sources".

They insisted the company was "an open book with nothing to hide."The representative continued, "sometimes the loudest are a very small percentage that may not be happy with the service or those who have not read the Terms and Conditions when signing up."Our T and Cs are clearly laid out and accessible...

A number of the concerns raised seem to be centred around misinformation without all the facts."If there has been any wrongdoing or mistakes, we will own up to that.

There were the headlines about Bines allegedly owing 0,000 in tax debt.

There was the time Bines said Tess Holliday, an influential plus-size model, was not a "good role model for young girls," and certainly did not represent a "healthy body image that should be applauded".

How often do you take the time to pause what you’re doing and reflect on how far you’ve come? You have been through and overcome so many hurdles and obstacles to get right here to this point. Now think of all the laughter and the love that you’ve experienced, and the great memories you’ve created on that same journey. Every single one of those moments, the good the bad, the hard and the joyful, have all woven together to create the amazing person you are now. Not everything will make sense as you’re going through it, but who you are now is exactly who you’re meant to be for this moment and that deserves your compassion and your celebration.

You are everything you need to be to and should be proud of everything you are ????

Suddenly, before and after photos of ordinary women began to appear in Facebook newsfeeds - the picture on the left often featuring a woman who looked sad, pale and defeated, and the woman on the right looking thinner, browner and, well, an awful lot like Ashy Bines.

There was the decision by the Dietitians Association of Australia to declare Ashy Bines' diet among the worst of 2013, and in breach of Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Many experts expressed - and continue to express - their concern that Bines does not hold any nutritional qualifications.

If you scroll through the reviews of Ashy Bines’ fitness app, Ashy Bines Squad, you will find that more than half the reviews were written on the same day.

The further you scroll, the more you’ll see the same date repeated over and over again – the 15th of August, 2017 – with near identical five star reviews.

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