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Rhiannon would stay with her grandmother during the week - she is at school in Watford - and spend the weekends with Kelly in Bicester. They know I can do what they can, and as troop commander I don't have to raise my voice - I have a sergeant who does all the shouting."For a while, Kelly was involved with another soldier, also a troop commander, whom she met at Sandhurst, but the romance fizzled out when she went to Afghanistan. Earlier this year, Kelly's squadron learned they were going to Afghanistan.

Kelly was now a troop commander in charge of 25 men. Kelly admits she was devastated at the prospect of being away from Rhiannon for so long.

So we can expect an increasing number of mothers to leave their children to serve in danger spots around the world.

Yet not everyone regards Kelly as a selfless heroine.

While she was doing her bit to bring security and order to Afghanistan, her mother was fighting a battle of her own - a defence of her daughter.

"I know I get slated for what I do, that people think I am selfish and self-serving.

"Going to Afghanistan has been an incredible experience and I feel good that we have achieved something there, which gives you a sense of self-worth and belief in yourself, a purpose in life.

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