Beta analytic inc radiocarbon dating

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The Hebrew version used in the inscriptions is another point of contention.

The version used was post-Exilic, which would not be from a "Lost" Tribe.

Ken Feder compares this with someone today announcing that they had discovered a hitherto unknown play by Shakespeare which was then exposed as a modern forgery, then shortly thereafter announcing the discovery of a more plausible new play.

It is possible that the stones were forged to support a political viewpoint.

Right above the figure of the man is a separate inscription which translates to "Moses".Wyrick shows Moses wearing a beret instead of a turban.He also shows Moses in a 19th-century dress instead of the flowering robe shown on the stone.These dates are consistent with the Hopewell culture that would have constructed the mound.The idea that there is a connection between the ancient Hopewell mound builders and Jewish settlers that were in the Americas before Columbus is a form of pseudoarchaeology.

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