Best clip cam

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When you leave your car parked in a public lot, garage or street, you run the risk of others damaging your vehicle or breaking in to steal your valuable items.

Just like Bernard in the story above, a dash cam can help capture footage of parking accidents.

This can range from trying to cause an accident to a pedestrian running in front of your car.

But don’t just buy the the first rearview mirror dash cam you see.

To help avoid future instances like this, Bernard installed a dash cam to monitor activity around his vehicle even when he wasn’t present.

After living in numerous large cities with cramped parking, Bernard’s vehicle was repeatedly damaged in parking accidents, and even broken into by vandals.

Whether someone makes an illegal turn or runs a red light, your dashcam will capture the footage in real-time so you can furnish proof to your insurance company when you make a claim.

Clear video footage is suitable for use in court and definitely helps you make your case with indisputable evidence.

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