Backup exec updating catalogs hang Datingsexsite com

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It's running on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise server.

About a month ago it began having issues where the server would hang up occasionally and they would have to power it down and then back up. We replaced the system board and all appeared well. Just as a note, when this happens, you can still ping the server.

It seemed the promise of being able to do file-level restores from a full IS backup was too tempting.

Anyway, I have two jobs created out of a policy, incremental and full. M-F Incremental writes to one B2D target, each bi-weekly Full has its own B2D target.

A few things: You can backup-to-disk on any drive within your domain, provided you have permissions to it. The screen is exactly where it was left, and it will not accept any input. Ever since then, EVERY time the backup runs at night, they come in to find the server unresponsive.If I cancel it the status changes to "cancel pending" but it never disappears from the list.The only way I can get it to go is to reboot the server.

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