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One common approach is to date the document only once all involved parties have signed it and to use a date that goes back no further than the date of the most recent signature.

This will normally cover most cases that come across a corporate attorney's desk.

For example, if a contract is signed in counterparts, the parties could potentially execute it on completely different dates.

In this scenario, using what is known as an "as of" formula might be appropriate.

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” On the other hand, maybe a friend of yours is asking you whether they should backdate their 1987 Porsche 1911, and you’re all like, “What’s backdating? Well, I’m here to tell you all about backdating, and no…we’re not talking about trying to backdate that auto insurance policy (which is illegal, by the way.) This form of backdating is totally legal, totally awesome, and is becoming totally the rage.This can cause the person accepting the instrument (in this case, a backdated document) to either do something or not do something based on the assumption that the instrument is genuine.According to Section 8(1)(a), an "instrument" can be defined as any document, whether that document is formal in nature or not.When you backdate a car, you are customizing it in such a way that it looks like an older or altogether different car.This does not mean painting on rust…this means making the car look like a mint-condition example of an older-model car than it really is.

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