Astrological dating chart

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Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing and simplistic it is.It’s not like some other astrology apps that I’ve downloaded that were confusing to even navigate through.Would you prefer dating someone who took their belief system super-seriously?I’ve never ever written a review for apps, even ones that I genuinely like but because this app has proven time after time to be accurate, fun and especially intriguing to read, I’ve decided to rate and review it.So, you read your horoscope regularly, you know your own sign backward and forward, and you've even dipped a toe into sign compatibility.If you ask us, it's high time you got your birth chart drawn up.Of course, the signs that the moon and the planets align with have a major impact on who you are, too.

The last time dating website OKCupid released data about its users, we discovered that saying you’re an atheist can help you get a date!

I’ve had this app for a while now and at first I just downloaded it then forgot about it.

But later on, when I noticed the updates like the notifications (which is so accurate it’s scary, especially when it’s sent.

This astrological rite of passage can be handled online or one-on-one with an astrologer (for a price), but however you have it calculated, the info should remain the same — exactly where the sun, moon, and planets were placed in the sky at the moment of your birth.

To get started, you need to know a few key details about yourself: your birth date and time, and where you were born.

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