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Latency is how quickly you drive between Banff and the Grand Canyon.High latency means there are lots of delays along the way, slowing down the transit time.Sometimes you’ll make a change to the site, thinking it will improve performance, but it will actually reduce performance.Although not quite a black art, performance tuning gives you unexpected results.Make yourself a list, and order it from largest impact to smallest.You’ll often find that the items at the bottom of the list aren’t important enough to worry about until far down the road.

Every time the browser needs to open a connection to the server there a tax that must be paid.

Let’s imagine that you have twenty donkeys you need to move from Banff to the Grand Canyon (two popular donkey hotspots).

To get the donkeys moved as quickly as possible, you need to optimize two things: how many donkeys you move at once, and how long it takes to move a donkey.

Equally, we can combine CSS files into a single file using tasks in the same build tools we use for Java Script.

For images, the problem is slightly more difficult.

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