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I have reviewed a very limited sample of the new (referred to hereafter as OLD), in some cases for the same people.

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Zoroastrian influence is evident in at least five names. Update: The show has ended, but the concert can be replayed in the video above.System of a Down are descended from survivors of the Armenian genocide, and as a band, they have long sought to make people more aware of the massacres and deportations that killed over a million people and dispersed countless more across the globe. This is in contrast to the Zoroastrian calendar where the first month Furvurdeen begins on Koyak 6 because its epagum (Gatha days) begin on Egyptian Koyak 1 as of 388 BC. Vahagn (Zoroastrian Vahrām from Avestan Verethragna, name of the 20th day), 28. The first month Navasard is equivalent to the month Choiak (Koyak), however its first day falls on Koyak 4 so that the first of the five epagum days falls on Egyptian Hatyr 27.

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