Are damian and hannah dating

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Damian Lillard also owns a Bentley SUV which costs around 0k. They lived in the same city; I saw both of them all the time, so it wasn’t that tough for me.I stayed with my dad, I was always with my mom, but I lived with my dad.”He was born on July 15, 1990, in Oakland, California. Regarding, Damian Lillard education, he held his degree in professional sales from Weber State University in May 2015.The couple is high school sweethearts from Weber University State.Explore Damian Lillard Wiki-Bio, Affairs, Net Worth, Cars, and Children Since 2014, Damian Lillard and Kay’La Hanson are dating one another.

Even as a Damian adorer myself, I'm very happy for them. I just hope that the distance, and his fame on Glee won't tear them apart again.

Its still fun even when you know it won't happen. lol : D guys Damian is a person just like everyone else so what if he can sing or not leave him be this is just like spreading a rumor about some random person no one knows at school he will date if he wants to and he wont if he doesnt so seriously stop he hates it wen ppl tlk about him like that.

You really don't need to tell people to 'get a life' when someone has a celebrity crush on him. Someone aid in their review of storm specifically that if Damian's the poor settler that he porbably shouldn't be wearing a gold Timex watch.

No, you are probably not going to meet Damian, fall in love, get married and have goregous irish singing babies, but there's no harm in wondering what's going on.

Following him around with your video camera, maybe :p And since everybody is obviously wondering, as far as I can tell, yes, Jenna and Damian are back together.

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