Are aislinn paul and munro chambers dating 2016

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Her getting back at Owen at the end of the episode was pretty funny, too, as was that sick burn she gave ("It's the most action you'll get all year!") Was it just me, or did Owen actually look hurt by that comment?Main plot (Katie/Drew) - Now this episode did something that I don't really seem to recall the show ever doing; both parts focused on the same issue (Drew and Katie's breakup) but each part focused on a different perspective.In part one, we saw Katie dealing with the aftermath, and in part two, we saw Drew working to repair his relationship with Bianca.And when Clare learns she has to bail on him in favor of her internship, he's not mad.In fact, he even jokes about his past actions, which I think also shows growth for him.As for Drew, I'm glad they followed up with his fall from the season premiere.And I'm glad they brought up that this wasn't his first concussion - he received one when he was MMA fighting - and the show did a great job portraying his struggles.

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That's what I like :)Subplot B (Maya) - Can I just say how awkward this was to watch as a 29-year-old man?

And I'm back with my episode reviews, this time for season twelve!

Personally, this is the season I was really looking forward to watching.

Just when I was starting to like Katie, she does all of this.

Her also confessing to Snake was a bit surprising, but I can't help but think it's all part of some plan she has.

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