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Lilius's proposal resulted in an average year of At the time of Gregory's reform there had already been a drift of 10 days since the Council of Nicaea, resulting in the vernal equinox falling on 10 or 11 March instead of the ecclesiastically fixed date of 21 March, and if unreformed it would drift further.Lilius proposed that the day drift should be corrected by deleting the Julian leap day on each of its ten occurrences over a period of forty years, thereby providing for a gradual return of the equinox to 21 March.Lilius's work was expanded upon by Christopher Clavius in a closely argued, page volume.He would later defend his and Lilius's work against detractors.A huge carnival parade starts festivities, winding its way through the city streets and culminating in a large firework display in the arenas, launching the mass celebrations of the million people who come.

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For example, Jewish communities in the Babylonian diaspora counted the years from the first deportation from Israel, that of Jehoiachin in BCE, e.

Preparation Inthe Council of Trent authorized Pope Paul III to reform the calendar, requiring that the date of the vernal equinox be restored to that which it held at the time of the First Council of Nicaea in and that an alteration to the calendar be designed to prevent future drift.

This would allow for a more consistent and accurate scheduling of the feast of Easter.

If the twelfth full moon after the previous Passover is too early compared to the equinox, a leap month is inserted near the end of the previous year before the new year is set to begin.

According to normative Judaism, the verses in Exodus Hence the court, not the astronomy, has the final decision.

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