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Inside, the female cultists drop LSD in Mandy's eye and drive the sting of a huge insect into her neck.

Tripping her head off, she is brought before Jeremiah, who plays her his album and explains that he was an 'underappreciated' (read: terrible) musician who was spurned by his peers but had a religious conversion.

She studied at the Stagedoor Manor theater camp when she was twelve.

Her mother Stacy was a former news reporter and her father, Donald Don Moore, was a pilot for American Airlines.

The tainted LSD seems to have some pretty strange effects on Red too – his voice becomes distorted and he has enough strength to crush Jeremiah's head with his bare hands.

She starred in A Walk to Remember and The Princess Diaries and voiced the lead character Rapunzel in the 2010 animated film Tangled.

He says that he and Mandy are special and belong together, but Mandy just laughs at him, so in a rage he has her hung in the garden and burned to death in front of Red.

Before he embarks on his mission of revenge, Red visits his friend Caruthers (Bill Duke), who explains the origin of the Black Skulls.

She told the Press Association: “Women made the first-ever narrative films back in the days of Alice Guy-Blache and Lois Weber and then once it became an industry and went to Hollywood and bankers and financiers got involved, women got pushed aside into jobs where they were taking care of things rather than directing and writing themselves.

“In the 21st century, more young women than young men come out of our film and media schools, and yet when we look at what is happening in feature films, things really haven’t got better.” A recent report by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California found there had been no significant statistical improvement in the representation of women or minorities in film over the past decade.

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