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After a date with a Tunisian man, he invited me back to his place to smoke hookah.

We smoked the wet tobacco and he told me stories about his culture, country, and customs.

Being that a lot of my clients are Indian, it only seems right that I present a few dating tips for Indian guys.

Immigrants don’t shed their skin and personalities when they step foot on American soil.

This never fail move usually involves asking her to come back to your abode so that you can make her a dessert unique to your family or culture that she can’t get anywhere else (for more details about the move you’ll just have to click here).

Framing the opportunity to eat your disparate dessert as a once in a lifetime opportunity will persuade her to come back to your place.

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Once your family meets her, solicit their opinions. They can act like an internal board of directors and give her the thumbs up or down.

We’ll also take a look at what other areas Indian men in particular need improving if they want to thrive in the American dating scene.

It seems counterintuitive to wield your family as a dating tool, but hear me out.

The browning of America is taking place before our eyes.

Races are mixing, immigrants are continuing to emigrate, and whites just aren’t having babies like they used to.

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