Am i dating the wrong guy

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If she sits there and plays with her cell phone, throw this one back.At the end of , it only takes a bad karaoke rendition of “You're So Vain” and one cliched motorcycle chase to the airport for Andie and Ben to realize that they are meant for one another (after 10 days, nonethless).

And you shouldn't wait another minute before letting this girl down gently and moving on. One simple trick will tell you whether she's “the one” or not.

The solution is for these women to find the right kind of man who will put up with these little idiosyncracies, and vice versa.

However, sometimes the things women do that bother men are signs that the relationship is doomed.

If she has problems with your dog, she probably has problems with your friends as well.

At some point, the discussion will come up: “Me or the dog?

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