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Young adult gamers are the only age group to prefer playing on game consoles; three-fourths (75%) of 18-29-year-old gamers play on consoles.Men are significantly more likely than women to play games on gaming consoles: 35% of adult men say they play games on a console compared with 21% of women.Over one-third (36%) of gamers 65 and older say they play games everyday or almost everyday, compared with 19% of adults aged 50-64, 20% of adults aged 30-49, and 20% of adults aged 18-29.Senior gamers may play more frequently because they have more time to play than younger gamers, as 77% of senior gamers reported being retired.Some 57% of respondents with at least some college education play games, significantly more than high school graduates (51%) and those who have less than a high school education (40%).Current students who are 18 or older are also avid players.But, while computers are most popular with the total population, younger Americans are more likely to play games using a console than any other type of video game-playing device.Like their teen counterparts, a majority (61%) of respondents 18-29 years old play games on consoles, compared with 28% of all adults who use consoles to play games.

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A person’s education level is another predictor of video game play.and about one in five adults (21%) play everyday or almost everyday.While the number of video gamers among adults is substantial, it is still well under the number of teens who play. Independent of all other factors, younger adults are considerably more likely than older adults to play games, and the likelihood that an adult is a video gamer decreases significantly with age.Younger generations tend to dominate the gaming world; however, older respondents who do play games are more avid players.Older gamers, particularly seniors, tend to play games more frequently.

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