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Even if you don’t want to get in the water, you’ll have plenty of places to be as close to it as possible. It seems like almost every city has one and, unfortunately, most of them aren’t that remarkable, barring April the giraffe and Mei Xiang the giant panda.But when the director is Dan “Zoo Man” Miller, who rubs shoulders with the upper echelon of zoologists, you know you’re in a different league.No list on London, New York City, or Paris could surprise you, but this one? Just like the rest of South Dakota, Watertown has a colorful past.Wild Bill Hickok was shot during a game of cards in Deadwood, Calamity Jane roamed the Black Hills, and Watertown has some Mafia ties.One of the best stops on the list is Glacial Lakes Distillery, and if you’re willing, they’ll mix you the smoothest cosmo of your life. Because it’s all small-batch, visitors may eventually be able to come in and craft their own.High Plains grains, glacial water, and hand-mixed batches make this South Dakota liquor something special. Fingers crossed that DIY will eventually mean “Distill It Yourself.” With the craft beer movement taking the entire country by storm, the challenge to make a quality product that stands out from the rest is a big one.

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(Note: No one would blame you for just grabbing a bench and waiting for the sunset.) And get this: Along the water’s edge, there are two golf courses, a disc golf course, a state, county, and city park (all with beaches, boat landings, and camping available), and 30 miles of trails that connect the lake to the city.

There are 800 animals comprising 130 species, including kangaroos, baby spider monkeys, tigers, free-roaming prairie dogs, and some pretty attention-hungry otters.

For for teenagers and adults, it’s a steal for an exotic afternoon.

And yet, Watertown — an unassuming spot on the eastern side of South Dakota — is one of them.

It’s a town of some 20,000 people that’s confused itself for a big city and has the dreams (and the secrets) to match.

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