Acoa and dating

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My ex's grandparents were raging alcoholics and her dad never had a drink a day in his life but otherwise displayed all the personality flaws of an alcoholic and her mom was a codependent/BPD herself.

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2) Is taking positive steps to address those flaws? I'll never forget the night she called me in tears because her younger brother got his first DUI arrest.

I shared the things I’d want you to know about what it’s like to be me. This means you might be giving more in the relationship than you are receiving, and I’m sorry.

The response to that article has been overwhelming, and is ongoing.

You’ve poured your heart out to me and I have been humbled and honored to hear your stories of pain, reconciliation, triumph.

Many of you have asked for a companion article that offers some advice for those who love an ACo A (Adult Child of an Alcoholic). If you are one of the many people who asked for this article, you’re already on the path to love and understanding, and miles ahead of those who aren’t attuned to their partner's needs. I won’t necessarily believe what you say to me — even “I love you” may be cause for question.

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