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The chief aim of our grantmaking is to help develop good schools and good neighborhoods for children.The Good Schools and Good Neighborhoods programs are the primary focus of the Foundation's grantmaking.Grants are limited to non-profit organizations that benefit people of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Deadlines for full proposal are June 1 and December 1.Giving limited to the San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties with dedication to the well-being of children and youth (ages 0-22) through financial support of nonprofit organizations serving foster and homeless youth, and youth with disabilities; providing child care to low-income families and training to childcare providers; and educational enrichment and mentoring to disadvantaged youth.Grants given to support K-12 education, limited to at-risk youth programs targeting education in the Las Vegas, NV, area. Publications is a teen-focused periodical distributed free of charge to Clark County high schools, with an emphasis on helping at-risk youth. also offers computer education workshops where students can learn marketable skills that will increase their interest in school, help them excel in school activities, assist in their post-graduation job search and help keep them away from substance abuse and crime. The organization requesting funds must be located in either Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Comanche, Eastland, Mills or San Saba counties.Giving primarily for education, children's organizations, and health and human services.The Good Opportunities program is set up to support the Foundation's primary work and to invest in special opportunities that can accomplish significant results for children.

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In many cases, applications can be submitted at any time.

Giving primarily in CO, with emphasis on Denver; funding also in NM, WY and UT with a limited basis nationally; primarily for child care and early childhood education, higher education, youth development, the elderly, homelessness and self-sufficiency, alcoholism, and substance abuse, amateur athletics, and for people with physical disabilities.

No grants to individuals (except for Daniels Fund Scholarship Program) or for academic, medical, or scientific research, or conferences, symposia, or workshops, or for debt elimination, endowments, fund raising or special events (purchase of tables or conferences), or for creation, publication or distribution of publications or for video productions and no support for arts and cultural programs.

Giving primarily in IA and WI supporting credit unions and organizations involved with education, health, human services, and community development.

Special emphasis is directed toward programs designed to serve at-risk youth.

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