2016 love and dating

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Hall is something of a rom-com newbie, having stuck to dramas and thrillers for the last 10 years.

Reviews have been generally positive, describing ‘Tumbledown’ as a gently romantic, funny and moving portrait of two prickly characters, which eventually succumbs to the usual conventions.

The trailer has some remarking that it looks made by the Hong King tourism board and is a ‘Before Sunrise’ riff without the depth, and while this may have shades of truth, the excellent festival reviews say it’s an authentic, relatable and pleasant watch.

Toula (Vardalos) now works in the family restaurant and her fed-up, smothered teen daughter is contemplating college in another state.

‘How To Be’ could have been a great ode to the /benefits/ of being single (also not constantly chasing sex), but instead is basically just another passable, sometimes witty, forgettable rom-com where the destination is coupling-up.

Indie romantic-dramedy about a young woman (Hall) who’s struggling to move on after the death of her husband, an acclaimed folk singer.

Finally, a bar wifi thief (Brie), looking for “The One” using dating sites, finds herself with the consequence-free barman… Dakota is the lead role, but it’s also a (disjointed) ensemble – Alison Brie’s role has no real connection to the others (she never shares a scene with them), and halfway through her perspective disappears, replaced by that of the easy-sex barman she bedded with.

This is the most bare bones Sparks yet with nothing whatsoever outside of his usual formula – i.e.

love triangle, North Carolina, tragic accident, predictable plot.

A Chinese-American toy designer from LA (Chung, ‘Sucker Punch’), visits Hong Kong for the first time on business.

Finding herself stranded, she meets an American expat (Greenberg, ‘Friends With Benefits) who shows her the city.

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