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Every year, to mark the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland — that yearly convocation of the world’s richest and most self-important plutocrats — Oxfam puts out a statement that “the top [X] people have the same amount of wealth as the bottom” half, as the Center for Global Development’s Maya Forstater and Vijaya Ramachandran once generalized it.In 2018, X was equal to 26, and as it does every year, the stat went viral.Most of the signatories of the pledge are billionaires, and their pledges total over 0 billion.It does not actually dictate that the money will be spent in any certain way or towards any particular charity or cause, and there is no legal obligation to actually donate any money.This year, Oxfam’s report added another shocking stat.The report also claims that 2,200 billionaires worldwide saw their wealth grow by 12 percent (which is eminently believable), even as the poorest half saw its wealth fall by 11 percent (which is a bit harder to believe at a time when global poverty is consistently falling).

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I saw a good summary of these requirements in a new book, Maybe it's just me, but I seem to hear too many "great" ideas in the realm of finding the nearest bar via a smart-phone app, or a dating site for your pets.

Self-made millionaires tend to start with a solution to a painful problem that can change the world, with a billion dollar opportunity.

Force yourself to think bigger by scheduling some uninterrupted thinking time and overtly stepping outside your comfort zone to entertain the impossible.

For you to have any chance of creating and achieving goals, you need to identify your strengths, have a positive sense of self, and avoid "analysis paralysis." Don't be afraid to start.

The learning curve for successful business people actually has been shown to go up after formal schooling, rather than flattening.

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